Claudio Media Cabinet

The concentric circle motif on the doors of the low, horizontal Claudio Cabinet recall the ripples of a pond and the aged brass finish give it a lustrous warmth. The Dark Walnut cabinet rests on gently curved legs that further compliment the geometric, yet organic pattern of the otherwise modern form.

Finishes: Dark Walnut Cabinet with Aged Brass Doors
Interior Finish: Shelves and Door Interiors are finished in Cardinal Red Faux Suede

Media Cabinet:
W 64.25 x D20 x H25.75
Int Right W20.25 x D17.75 x H19
Right Shelves: W20 x D16.75 - 2 Adjustable
Int Left W41.5 x D17.75 x H19
Left Shelves: W41.5 x D16.75 - 2 Adjustable
6 Media Access Points:
Media Access Left: 35.5 x H3.5
Media Access Right: W14.4 x H3.5

Vented back ideal for media components.

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