Designing Your Dream Work From Home Office

Ideas for Creating a Serene & Functional Workspace at Home

Like millions of people, perhaps you find yourself making the short commute to work remotely at the kitchen table rather than the office this year. In order to ensure productivity and ease, it’s important to have a designated space for those 9 to 5 hours while working from home. If your work from home office is lacking, or even nonexistent, here are a few helpful ways to design a beautiful, functional space.


Comfort is critical for any work from home scenario, which is why some people even choose to work in bed. However, to look after your body and brain, a desk and chair setup that takes ergonomics into account is very important. The desired desk height for maximum comfort is between 29 to 30 inches. When seated with your back straight, your forearms should be parallel to the ground as you are working at the desk. This will help eliminate sore muscles from poor posture that often occurs when people work at an ill-fitted desk and computer setup. The Belmont Desk sits at 30.5 inches high and is a great option for a large and comfortable workspace.

The right chair is critical when considering proper office ergonomics. This will be different for each person, and experts usually recommend adjustable office chairs to ensure a good fit. However, if clients or visitors come into your home office, comfortable seating like the Eliza Chair placed opposite the desk would be a good option to consider.


Deciding where to set up a home office space is a decision many were faced with for the first time last year. It can be challenging if your home does not have an office already, but creating a permanent set up will help on days when motivation is low. Your space should feel inspiring, and it should be separate from the places in your home where you relax. Ideally, it should be void of distractions like televisions, personal phones, and outside noises. You might need to get creative with this by turning a spare room into the office and adding a desk and storage for supplies. The Mercer Bookshelves are a great option for an office, and can even be used as a room divider if you need separation in an open floor plan. Also, having your supplies in visible reach, like displayed in a bookcase, can be good for motivation while working from home.


Ideally, your home office will be a space that sparks creativity and inspiration, no matter your vocation. But staring at a computer monitor positioned in front of a blank wall is not exactly inspiring. Natural light is a proven mood-booster, but for a little extra help, floor and desk lamps can set an appropriate tone as well. Additionally, color plays a major role in affecting our mood in a space. A favorite piece of art, indoor plants, and certain comforts like a coffee machine are all added bonuses that can lift your spirits and set a positive tone. At the end of the day, your work from home office should be a space you enjoy and are happy to spend your workday in.

Whether it’s comfort, motivation, or inspiration you need to upgrade your home office, you are sure to find the perfect Mr. Brown London piece that checks all the boxes.

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