Luxury Patios: 5 Creative Outdoor Patio Furniture Ideas

Discover awe-inspiring outdoor designs that will open up the patio for year-round enjoyment.

Summer is coming to a close, but outdoor living doesn’t stop when the weather gets cooler for many homes in the United States. Browse our list of patio furniture ideas that you can use to create a patio designed for entertaining and enjoyment throughout most of the year.

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1. Dine Out—With a Concrete Dining Table

Luxury patios aren’t just for show. The right concrete table can create an oasis for enjoying a romantic dinner or a light, airy family lunch. Or, use a dinner table for more practical uses, like this one:

While we generally do not recommend placing your concrete furniture on the ground, it’s a great option if clients are going for a style that’s casual and rustic while still being sophisticated.

We love how the image above is a scene of careful disorganization and understated grace. Recreating this fanciful look is simple with the right furniture items and supplies. To design a garden like this one, you’ll need:

  • A variety of terracotta pots. New is certainly an option, but with the variety of sizes and styles required, it may be more practical to visit thrift stores. Plus, weathered pots have more character than new ones.
  • The right concrete table. If furniture items will be sitting on the ground, we strongly suggest investing in a concrete base as well as a stone or concrete tabletop, and to consider a base beneath the piece to allow for stabilization and water run-off. For covered patios, however, a wooden base might be an option as well.
  • Colorful plants. Select plants that can withstand the outdoors, are low maintenance, and stylish, colorful plants for your design. Consider contacting a local non-profit for garden designs that best fit your vision while also attracting butterflies for clients to enjoy.

2. Create an Interesting Patio Space with Tables

Whether your client’s tastes are striking and colorful or minimalist with a neutral color palette, the right patio table can put the perfect finishing touch on a design.

Personal preference, and style, of course, will determine what concrete occasional table ideas you’ll want to explore. In the image above, this concrete coffee table has a minimalist design, and while not a focal point, it’s an essential part of that design.

3. Hardwoods for Outdoor Living

Oak is an excellent choice when browsing for patio furniture ideas simply because it’s a harder, beautiful wood that can withstand being outdoors better than many other options. In the image below, hardwoods are used to create a luxurious living space, and it’s the perfect blend of soft lines, curves, and angles.

Image courtesy of The Cottage Journal.

We love this outdoor space as well. Some of our luxury furniture offerings, like the Bacchanalia Sofa and the matching Bacchanalia Chair, feature the same curves seen in this patio that inspire designers.

Additionally, our Whitehaven Mirror makes a beautiful addition to walls, and the hammered gold finish along the edge adds a nice pop of metallic color.

4. Set the Mood with Lighting

The right lights can make any covered luxury patio perfect. Even for covered outdoor spaces, we still recommend concrete furniture due to the elements, but there’s some flexibilty when it comes to modern lighting. Select chandeliers and table lamps that flatter the area and can sit far enough away from archways that rain cannot reach the fixtures.

Image courtesy of Luxury Pools.

In the example above, a combination of minimalist chandeliers and ornate table lamps on the mantle make the space comfortable and luxurious. With numerous seating areas, a fireplace, and even a TV, this is a patio designed for entertaining.

5. Use a Firepit to Create a Cozy Space

Luxury patios are meant to be enjoyed, and the best way to do that is by making them a comfortable place to lounge or entertain in. We love how this design combines natural elements, like wood and stone, with modern style.

Image courtesy of LovelyIndeed.

While we don’t sell wooden pergolas, we love helping designers create luxury spaces. Utilize Custom House to transform the Barton Coffee Table into a luxe firepit that clients can entertain around on crisp fall days or warm summer nights. We’d also like to suggest the Belmont Sectional Sofa for seating to bring the distinct mid-century modern style into your design.

Start with the Right Materials: Durable & Stylish Concrete Furniture

Luxury furniture is only as good as its construction. If it isn’t built to last, it’s not a great choice for any space—especially an outdoor living area. When thinking about ideas for patio furniture, it’s best to first look for concrete furniture options.

Quality patio furniture should be made from concrete and feature high-performance fabrics that withstand rain, moisture, and UV light exposure. Additionally, it should be easy to clean with a design that is convenient for maintenance.

Caring for Outdoor & Concrete Furniture

While concrete furniture does tend to be lower maintenance than other outdoor patio options, it isn’t maintenance-free. Here are a few on maintaining luxury concrete furniture so that you, and your clients, can keep your design looking beautiful for years to come.

Enjoy Your Luxury Furniture in the Right Place

Our luxury furniture was crafted with materials intended for use in semi-outdoor environments, such as covered porches and interior spaces. The metals, woods, and cement we use in our weather or not offerings are resistant to the elements but not impervious to them.

Apply Wax Every 6 Weeks

Our cement and concrete furniture does have an acrylic sealer, but applying a wax solution periodically will help prolong the life of your outdoor patio furniture, not to mention make it look nicer while you enjoy it.

Store Outdoor Furniture Properly Over Winter

During cold months, raise furniture off the ground or stone floor of your patio to prevent damage from cold temperatures. For metal finishes, this also prevents damage that could expose the raw metal of your furniture piece and significantly impact its appearance and longevity.

Download our Weather or Not Care Guide for the rest of our tips on how to maintain and extend the life of your Mr. Brown London patio furniture.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our most commonly asked questions about concrete furniture and for finding creative ways to incorporate durable patio furniture into your design.

How do you decorate a concrete table top?

Select accessories that match the style and mood of your concrete furniture and that fit in your space. For homes with a lot of activity, consider avoiding breakable, potentially dangerous accessories. While a concrete table is quite sturdy, accidents can still happen.

What's in style for patio furniture?

Today, patio furniture styles often have a modern, contemporary vibe, feature teak wood offerings, unique concrete furniture, and a minimalist, clutter-free design.

Is concrete good for furniture?

Concrete is an excellent medium for furniture, especially in mid-century modern styles. Unlike wood, concrete furniture can be any shape or color, have a variety of distinct textures, and is one of the most durable materials available for luxury furniture. Whether it’s an indoor piece or something enjoyed on a covered patio, concrete is always a great choice with furniture and casegoods.

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