Canvas Art, Orange Daze


48″ x 48″ Canvas art, Orange Daze

About the Designer/ Artist:
An interior designer for 40 years, Barry Lantz made a bold move in 2009 – he added yet another
artistic layer to his professional career. Recalling his love of painting in his late teens and early 20’s, what
started out as a personal project quickly evolved into a professional endeavor and a second career.

Barry shares, “At a young age, I found myself enthralled with horizon lines and landscapes in real
time. I would concentrate on the depth and the distance to a selected subject. The colors from
morning and evening moved me to a place where my mind became a camera to the light reflections
and perspective shapes and illusions.” Barry’s professional and personal inspiration – in both interior design and painting – always begins with saturated, intentional and clear color.

The flat farmlands in Barry’s home state of Indiana have influenced his interpretation of landscape art.
“The sky, moon, sun and clouds are among my favorite visual joys. In every painting there is a sun or a moon,” Barry says. It’s up to the individual eye to identify them within his abstract landscapes.

Barry Lantz has been designing interior and exterior spaces for 40 years, and his work is celebrated
in projects across the country. His Canvas to Cloth Fabric Collection is Launching with Kravet in 2020.
Barry continues to provide interior design services with his daughter, Amanda Lantz, at A Lantz
Design in Carmel, Indiana.

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