Custom Wilhelm Coffee Table

We’re willing to rewrite all the rules for you. Here, the Wilhelm coffee table is reimagined in a custom size with custom finishes and a custom tabletop treatment. Wilhelm lives to serve. So does Mr Brown. Can we make something uniquely for you?

STANDARD: Dimensions W50 x D30 x H18 in a choice of Smooth White Gesso or Aged Graphite Smooth Gesso with a bottom shelf (only) Aged Mirror insert, and set on an Aged Brass frame.

CUSTOMISATION: Dimensions W43 x D27 x H19 with Skylark Shagreen finish, Dolomite Silver base and Aged Mirror tabletop inset.

ABOUT CUSTOM HOUSE: Most Mr Brown furniture is available for customisation just for you, like the design shown here. Swap finishes, reconfigure dimensions and change specifications. Your wish is our command.