Designers Corner

Designer’s Name: Sarah Barrett

Company Name: Elemental Interiors

Location: Montclair, NJ

Describe your inspiration for this project: Our inspiration for the project was our love for our client and her family and her love of color. We wanted the room to be welcoming, light, and balanced- bringing a sense of calm while also inspiring. We loved using these Mr. Brown tables because they unified the room. The curved lines brought movement and softness while the custom finish reminded us of both the crystal malachite and the ocean- connecting the earth to water. Yin yang in shape, fluid and strong, as if we left a secret message in the space.

Why do you love Mr. Brown London? We love Mr. Brown because the design is creative yet classic for a price point that is within reach. It feels that the company is built of people who are inspired as they designing, creating and building each piece. To us that brings an energy and intention to a project we cannot always explain. There seems to be an intrinsic joy embedded in each item we have purchased from Mr. Brown.

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