House Beautiful
Hackett Table Lamp
Luxe Interiors + Design
Beatrix Counter Stool
Atlanta Home & Lifestyles
New Showroom Opening in ADAC
House & Home
Chantal Table Lamp
House & Home
Bergamo Sconce
D Home
Belmont Tall Cabinet & Ludwig Coffee Table
Home Accents Today
Julius Mirror
Home Accents Today
Naples Bedside
Modern Luxury Interiors Chicago
Totem Poles, Smooth White Gesso
Furniture Lighting & Decor
Ravenna Coffee Table, Charcoal Shagreen
Charlotte Home, Design & Decor
St. Tropez Twin Bed in White Rustic Pine with Silver Sage Velvet
Furniture Lighting & Decor
Hardy Sofa in Snow Velvet with Harbor Velvet Welt
Luxe Magazine
Muse Cabinet, Grey Mid Ash with COM doors
Wilhelm Small Tall Cabinet, Smooth White Gesso with Aged Mirror
Charleston Magazine
Scarlatti Coffee Table
Elle Decor
Durrant Barstool in Silver Sage Velvet
La Marais Bench
Architectural Digest
St. Tropez Canopy Bed
Florida Design
Misty Dining Table
Traditional Home
Triton Chandelier, aztec gold
House Beautiful
Hanover Chandelier
Design STL
Astrid Sofa, COM
Designers Today
Bilbao Uplighter
Elle Decor
Misty Dining Table
Luxe Home Palm Beach
Astral Wall Sconce
Luxe Home Palm Beach
Dara Table Lamp
Traditional Home
Belmondo Dining Table
Home Design & Decor Charlotte
Durrant Chair, Thistle Velvet
House Beautiful
Constanta Mirror in Ivory Bone & Ruislp Side Table
Atlanta Home & Lifestyles
Odette Bedside, storm shagreen
Atlanta Home & Lifestyles
Evangeline Side Table
Atlanta Home & Lifestyles
Granta Chair in Midori Velvet
Exterior Design
Barton Coffee table
Milieu Magazine
Luberon Chair, Rustic Grey Pine in COM
Traditional Home
Beatrix Counterstool, Rustic Oak
Lighting & Decor
Donizetti Desk, Storm Shagreen
Lighting & Decor
Lombardi Mid Sized Cabinet, Grey Mid Ash with Finished Aged Brass
Lighting & Decor
Lombardi Mid Sized Cabinet, Grey Mid Ash with Finished Aged Brass
Lighting & Decor
Cassis bench in COM
Home Accents Today
Fitzroy Barstool
Home Accents Today
Durrant Chair, Thistle Velvet
Beautiful Kitchens & Baths
Belmondo Dining Table
Gentry Home
Sabrina Chandelier
Atlantis Dining Table, Aztec Gold Base with Dark Walnut 8X4 oval Top
Home Accents Today
Diving Man Table Lamp
Elle Decor
Eliza Loveeat
Gentry Home
Susanna Box
House Beautiful
Delphi Chairs
Traditional Home
Wolfgang Coffee Table
Traditional Home
Bali Planters
Traditional Home
St. Tropez Canopy Bed
D Home 2017
Tito Bedside
Portrait of Portland
Lars Chair and Odette Cabinet
Portrait of Portland
Beatrix Arm Chair, Country White Oak and COM
Milieu Magazine
Ludwig Tall Cabinet, Storm shagreen
ELLE Decor June 2017
Wilhelm Chair
Aspire Design and Home January 2017
San Marino Dining Table
Art and Design April 2017
Tito Tall Cabinet
Traditional Home April 2017
Leopold Coffee Table
Elle Decor April 2017
Beatrix Arm Chair from WON
Architectural Digest April 2017
Belmondon Dining/ Bacchanalia
Elle Decor March 2017
Belmont Daybed
Wall Street Journal January 2017
Lincoln Lamp
Traditional Home February/March 2017
Delphi Chair
Traditional Home July/August 2016
Belmont Coffee Table, White Rustic Pine
Atlanta Homes & Lifestyle February 2017
Rabanne Chandelier
East Coast Home & Design December 2016
Wilhelm Low Cabinet
House & Home January 2017
Maribella Side Chair
Elle Decor January 2017
Almeria Floor Lamp
J Style Fall 2016
Eliza Loveseat, Bacchanalia Loveseat, Donizetti Desk, Fritz Loveseat, Banco Bookshelf
House Beautiful November 2016
Granta Chair
Traditional Home Nov/Dec 2016
Antarctic Table Lamp
Mordern Luxury October 2016
Torme Floor Lamp
Stylebeat Atlanta 2016
Eva Lantern
Elle Decor October 2016
Baron Mirror, Gustav Mirror & Hepworth Table Lamp
New York Spaces September 2016
Granta Chair & Ottoman
Array September 2016
Maribella Chair
Veranda September 2016
Eva Lantern, polished nickel
House & Home September 2016
Draper Loveseat
House Beautiful September 2016
Parrot Dining Table in Country White Oak
Domino September 2016
Pablo Coffee Table
Atlanta Homes August 2016
Beatrix Counterstool
Home Accents Today July 2016
Gaudi Mirror
Array Summer 2016
Maribella Chair
Array Summer 2016
Gustav Cabinet
Hamptons Cottages & Gardens July 2016
Carlo Side Table
Trad Home June 2016
Pearl Chair
Trad Home June 2016
Pearl Chair & Paris Mirror
Home Accents June 2016
Rocca Table Lamp
Atlanta Homes June 2016
Galaxy Chandelier
Home Accents Today March 2016
Fontana Bench
Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles April 2016
Bow Chest
Atlanta Homes & Lifestyle April 2016
Como Bench & Bow Chest
Atlanta Homes & Lifestyle April 2016
Harrison Side Table
Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Feb 2016
Figaro Large Coffee Table
East Coast Home & Design March 2016
Tassia Table Lamp
At Home March 2016
Broughton Table Lamp
Milieu Spring 2016
Tito Low Cabinet
Architectural Digest Spring 2016
Misty Dining Table
Array Spring 2016
Draper Sofa
Array Spring 2016
Switched On Lighting
Trend 2016
Tangmere Demilume
Atlanta Homes & Lifestyle March 2016
Lukas Mirror
House & Home March 2016
Oristano Floor Lamp
Home Accents Feb 2016
Hepworth Table Lamp
Atlanta Homes Feb 2016
Aberdeen Chandelier
At Home Arkansas January 2016
Blue Leather Books
Traditional Home 2016
Brasilia Table Lamp
Design Book 2016
Sandrine Chandelier & Torme Floor Lamp
Home Accents
Turmeric Table Lamp
House & Home December 2015
Wolfgang Dining Table
Unveiled December 2015
Claudio Cabinet & Odette Chest of Drawers
The Wall Street Journal
Tito Tall Cabinet
Array Winter 2015
Banco Tall Bookshelf
Array Winter 2015
Glenwick Chandelier
Banco Tall Bookshelf
House & Home November 2015
Beatrix Barstool & Belmondo Dining table
Elle Decor November 2015
Adelaide Console
Cleveland Jewish News
Lara Mirror & Banco Bookshelf
Elle Decor October 2015
Tangmere Demilune
Elle Decor October 2015
Tangmere Demilune
House & Home October 2015
Granta Chair-Broughton Table Lamp-Gustav Cabinet
House & Home October 2015
Floriana Table Lamp
Design New England September 2015
Fontana Bench & Luciano Console
Flower October, 2015
Pearl Chair in Ironstone Finish with COM
Architectural Digest August, 2015
Angeline Dining Table
Home Accents Today July 2015
Hawes Side Table
Luxe Interiors & Design Magazine : Summer 2015
Weather or NOT - Mahler Side Chair, Exterior Mid Oak
D Home May/ June 2015
Figaro Coffee Table, Slate Concrete
D Home May / June 2015 - Pg. 44
De Lempika Urn
Home Accents Today, May 2015 - Pg. 60
Kingsbridge Bench
Milieu's Out and About, Summer 2015 - Pg. 64
Luccio Chair
Traditional Home Spring 2015, Pg 122
Custom Orion Chandelier
Traditional Home, May 2015 - Pg. 95
Pablo Console Table
Traditional Home, May 2015
Como Bench
Elle Decor, May 2015
Angeline Dining Table, Birgit Chairs, And Mercure Chandelier
Architectural Digest, May 2015
Sandrine Table Lamp, pg.56
D Magazine, March/ April 2015 - Pg 54
Pierre Lantern
Home Accents Today, March 2015
Yvette Collection - Boxes, Trays, & Coasters
Elle Decor, April 2015
Gustav Cabinet, Granta Chair and Ottoman, Broughton Lamp
Canada House & Home, April 2015
Cavendish Chest of Drawers in Harbor Linen - pg 76
Scottsdale | Modern Luxury March 2015
Luciano Desk
Veranda - The Best of Spring
Maharani Tray, #3 on page
Home Accents Today, Jan 2015
Appley Table Lamp, Aphrodite & Silver
Home Accents Today, November 2014
Moreland Chandelier, Large
Lonny Magazine Nov 2014
Tito Low Cabinet in Nimbus Grey Oak
Traditional Home Oct 2014
Angeline Dining Table
MILIEU Fall 2014
Maharani Box Collection
Architectural Digest, NYDC AD Oct. 2014
Birgit Chair, Mandarin Linen with Nickel Nailheads
Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine Fall/Winter 2014 issue
Florian Cabinet in Savannah Linen
Interiors June + July 2014, pg 46
Denmark Dining Table and Prague Bench
Interiors June + July 2014, pg. 47
Heathcote Chair, Exterior Natural Oak
The Atlantan May 2014
Figaro Coffee Table in Aged Brass
Veranda May 2014
De Lempika Urn
Architectural Digest May 2014
Belmondo Dining Table
Home Accents Today March 2014
Pearl Chair in Basalt and Plum Linen
House Beautiful May 2014
Luciano Desk, Gilbert Chairs, Dartmoor Lamp
Elle Decor April 2014 No 204
Almeria Table Lamp
House Beautiful COLOR 2013
Escalante Lamp in Silver Blue
Luxe Interiors + Design | Volume 12 | Issue 1 | Winter 2013
Belmont Low Cabinet and Finlandia Table Lamps
MILIEU Fall 2013, pg. 64
Klee Table Lamp
Home Accents Today - March 2013
Susanna Box
Mr Brown Victoria September 2011
Mr Brown
Ascot Mirror Elle Decor
Featuring: Ascot Mirror
Elle Decor December 2011
Featuring: Kent Table
Veranda April 2011
Featuring: Monaco Coffee Table
Home Accents Today September 11
Featuring: Seine Table