Lizzie Bailey

Designers Corner

Designer’s Name: Lizzie Bailey

Company Name: Forward Interiors

Location: Charlotte, NC

Describe your inspiration for this project: This is the formal living room. We wanted it “traditional” feeling but with an edge.

Why do you love Mr. Brown London? I LOVE Mr. Brown. The pieces are all amazing and can work in any space. They are edgy, but classic. Timeless.

Julie Kavanagh

Designers Corner

Designer’s Name: Julie Kavanagh

Company Name: JK Designs

Location: Charlotte, NC

Describe your inspiration for this project: The clients were looking for a peaceful master bedroom retreat. Using the beautiful rug as a jumping off point, I wanted to provide that coziness with layers of texture within a relatively neutral palette. But I also wanted there to be a pop of the unexpected. The Trieste Bench provided that pop which really elevated this space into one of modern sophistication.

Why do you love Mr. Brown London? Mr. Brown London is becoming my go to when I am looking for a signature piece to add interest and dimension in my projects. The design and construction of the products are exceptional and the staff have been so lovely to work with.

Tony Fornabaio

Designers Corner

Designer’s Name: Tony Fornabaio

Company Name: Tony Fornabaio Interior Design

Location: New York, NY

Describe your inspiration for this project: The reason why I choose the Bellini console for this home I designed in Katona New York was based all the beautiful nature surrounding it.The views are spectacular from everywhere in the house.As you walk in the main entrance I thought with all the neutral pallets I choose with my clients we needed a statement piece without taking away from the peaceful overall esthetic.The Bellini console is bowed from upper levels of the house as well as lower. It really set a great tone as each person passes it completely loves to look at it.

Why do you love Mr. Brown London? The reason why I love Mr. Brown London has because their products are well-made the design concepts are intelligent with a mid century flair to them as well as a timeless approach for both the young and more mature clientele to appreciate. All my clients throughout the years have greatly appreciated all the items that I have chosen from Mr. Brown London. I also love working with Mr. Brown London’s sales reps at the 200 likes building because they’re completely informative & absolutely lovely and charming to work with. Especially Mary 🙂

Sarah Catherine Garvin

Designers Corner

Designer’s Name: Sarah Catherine Garvin

Company Name: Sarah Catherine Collective

Location: Charlotte, NC

Describe your inspiration for this project: First and foremost, this is the clients’ Forever Home’, and above anything else they wanted it ‘done right’. To them that meant creating an open and warm environment for entertaining their large family + guests, while also creating a space that felt effortless and clean. They wanted to utilize simplistic design and clean lines all while needing the space to deliver order, balance, symmetry, and scale. These design elements would lead to the necessary functions of convenience and organization with an intuitive living rhythm.

Why do you love Mr. Brown London? We love Mr. Brown for the brand’s irresistible sensibility in style, color, and form. We seek to defy the ordinary, and Mr. Brown provides all our spaces with quality pieces that never seek to blend in, and always speak with intention.

Amanda Johnson

Designers Corner

Designer’s Name: Amanda Johnson

Company Name: VB Home, LLC

Location: Vero Beach, FL

Describe your inspiration for this project: We are a retail store located in Vero Beach and recently opened up in March 2019. We love Mr.Brown products and wanted to incorporate some of our favorite pieces in the first compilation of vignettes.

Why do you love Mr. Brown London? We love Mr.Brown because its the perfect combination of bold mid-century and classic elements. The products are always well made and impress us and our clientele!

Cathy Rhodes

Designers Corner

Designer’s Name: Cathy Rhodes

Company Name: Cathy Rhodes Interiors

Location: New York, NY

Describe your inspiration for this project: I wanted this mountain house to have a clean rustic look. I looked for unique pieces Oozing with style to create a clean transitional updated mountain retreat feel.

Why do you love Mr. Brown London? Each piece is artistic and unique in either its lines, finish, detailing or all of the above. The chandeliers are sculptural and fun.

Liza Borzoni

Designers Corner

Designer’s Name: Liza Borzoni

Company Name: Spatial Compass

Location: New York, NY

Describe your inspiration for this project: This foyer was actually inspired by the Hector Chandelier. I saw the fixture at HPMKT in 2018 and believe I purchased the 1st one available. I was starting a new project and thought that it was perfect for a particular client. The room was then built around the light fixture. We selected a lush moody matte finish in eggplant for the walls and then created a custom area rug in a complimentary pattern to tie everything together. The mirror to the left also mimics the shapes in the chandelier and rug. The owner loves this space.

Why do you love Mr. Brown London? Mr. Brown has modern pieces with a classic and timeless feel. They can be incorporated into many styles. That versatility is extremely important when working with a client’s unique taste and style.

Traci Connell

Designers Corner

Designer’s Name: Traci Connell

Company Name: Traci Connell Interiors

Location: Dallas, TX

Describe your inspiration for this project: A moody guest bedroom calls for the perfect combination of textures, color and pattern. This bachelor desired a unique and cultured space. By adding this wood and upholstered bed to the guest bedroom, we accomplished a sense of tribal atmosphere with masculinity all in one!

Why do you love Mr. Brown London? Mr. Brown can always be counted on for unique pieces that will knock the socks off our clients and they will never have the same pieces as their neighbors!

Sarah Barrett

Designers Corner

Designer’s Name: Sarah Barrett

Company Name: Elemental Interiors

Location: Montclair, NJ

Describe your inspiration for this project: Our inspiration for the project was our love for our client and her family and her love of color. We wanted the room to be welcoming, light, and balanced- bringing a sense of calm while also inspiring. We loved using these Mr. Brown tables because they unified the room. The curved lines brought movement and softness while the custom finish reminded us of both the crystal malachite and the ocean- connecting the earth to water. Yin yang in shape, fluid and strong, as if we left a secret message in the space.

Why do you love Mr. Brown London? We love Mr. Brown because the design is creative yet classic for a price point that is within reach. It feels that the company is built of people who are inspired as they designing, creating and building each piece. To us that brings an energy and intention to a project we cannot always explain. There seems to be an intrinsic joy embedded in each item we have purchased from Mr. Brown.