Six Creative Ways to Divide a Room in Two

The open-concept design has begun to lose its charm for many homeowners as the world has grown to accept the new normal of virtual workplaces and schools. Creating a remote workspace away from the office has become vital to mental health. The same can be said for any room in the home. The division of living rooms […]

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9 Ideas for Decorating an Entryway

Entryways are the first impression that guests have of a home, and for tired homeowners returning from a day at work or a trip away, it’s the first stop in something familiar. The entryway of any abode should be a comfortable, luxurious space that captures exactly what the homeowner wants. We’ve compiled a list of […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Modern Lighting

The perfect lighting style for a design isn’t always the simplest design. So many factors go into designing a light plan for a room—orientation, natural light, size, shape, design elements, furniture, etc. can all impact how light interacts with the space. Browse our modern lighting guide to learn more about types of lighting, styles, and […]

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Introducing Cathy Rhodes of Cathy Rhodes Interiors

May-June’s Designers Corner winner was the effervescent Cathy Rhodes. Keep reading to get to know Cathy and her design style. What’s the name of your company? Cathy Rhodes Interiors Where (city) is the design project located? Atlanta, GA What did you enjoy most about designing this space? This space was designed for the 2022 Southeastern […]

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Get Inspired by Celebrity Home Décor

Celebrities inundate the lives of most people in the western world. From magazines to films, their public and fictional personas are delivered directly into our living spaces. It isn’t surprising that celebrity homes would be a topic of fascination. Let’s explore some of the elements commonly seen with celebrity home décor and a few specific, […]

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New From Mr. Brown London: Follow The Closet on Instagram

The Closet isn’t a new extension of Mr. Brown London, but the Instagram account is! Julian Chichester and Mr. Brown partnered to bring you The Closet in 2012, and we’re here again with our instagram account @jcmbcloset. Open by appointment, call at 336-886-8303 or email us to plan your visit! For those new to the […]

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