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Celebrities inundate the lives of most people in the western world. From magazines to films, their public and fictional personas are delivered directly into our living spaces. It isn’t surprising that celebrity homes would be a topic of fascination. Let’s explore some of the elements commonly seen with celebrity home décor and a few specific, unique designs that will foster creativity in a way that only Hollywood can.

Keep reading for a few gorgeous celebrity designs, Hollywood glam, celebrity stylings, and luxury home décor.

Extreme Opulence: Hugh Grant’s Kensington Penthouse

BAFTA and Golden Globe winner Hugh Grant has numerous well-known movies to his name including Notting Hill, Bridget Jones’ Diary, and Love, Actually. While filming the last film on that list, he called this truly beautiful luxury penthouse home.

What we love most about this celebrity home is how grandeur and over-the-top the design is without using a lot of colors.

Color is a big part of most designs and ordinarily a must for any luxe home, but this flat strategically features color, dark floors, bold lighting, and casegoods that make it exceptional.

Our Suggestions, Inspired by the Designer

If you love the glitz and glam of Paul Davies’ design, browse our offerings below to create your own over-the-top design.

Rustic Renovations: Alexander Skarsgård’s Manhattan Apartment

Located close to some of New York City’s infamous landmarks, ‘The Northman’ actor spent five years renovating the space and incorporating modern elements without sacrificing the rustic, historical nuances featured in it. Exposed wooden beams, red-brown brick, and weathered hardwood floors make this apartment perfect for mid-century modern styles, particularly ones geared to natural elements, like organic modernism.

White oak cabinetry and woodwork, plenty of skylights, and carrara marble all lend to the elegance of the space. Combined with well-placed mirrors and wall décor, and a minimal number of home furnishings, the apartment is airy, open, and relaxing.

Design A Sanctuary in the Middle of Manhattan

Here are some of Mr. Brown London’s favorite pieces that fit in well with loft spaces like this one, or organic modern designs in general.

Luxury in Comfort: Hilary Duff’s Beverly Hills Home

While Hugh Grant’s London flat is cool and sophisticated, Lizzie McGuire star Hilary Duff has a family home filled with warm earthy tones and an eclectic, fun personality. Together with partner Matthew Koma, Hilary raises her two kids in Beverly Hills, California. Her home is designed with children in mind, so expectations about space are very realistic. Kid-friendly spaces, and areas for adults to enjoy, make it an airy escape from Los Angeles.

Inside the home, numerous plants add greenery and a sense of vitality to an already pleasant space. Retro and rustic styles blend together throughout the home with certain spaces, such as the master bathroom, designed to be an even more peaceful, tranquil place.

While some designers prefer collections and staying within the boundaries of a specific style, this home is tailored; the opinions of others are secondary to the wants and needs of the family that lives in the space.

There are two unique, delightful features of her home that we have to mention: There’s a slide for the kids, and she has a chicken coop in her backyard.

See Any Must-Haves in this Eclectic Design?

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Styling Like A Celebrity

There are certain underlying elements that most celebrity designs have in common. And, for good reason. Good designs include focal points, a unique and individual style, and the use of color to all accentuate the room. Celebrity homes incorporate these four elements in their designs:

Unique Focal Points

As you look at our list below, you’ll notice one thing that stands out more than anything else: the focal points of each room are truly show stoppers. Whether it’s one thing to draw the eye, or a few items to lead viewers around the room, these designs know how to hold attention.

A warm, inviting organic modern living room with personality pieces.

The one thing each of the designs below has in common is they are utterly tailored to the client. When it comes to their homes, celebrities don’t seem to prioritize fitting in. Rather, they create a space they can feel comfortable in and is a reflection of their personality.

Take this design by Cathy Connon, for example. The color choices, glamorous gold frames, unique vase and a stuffed sheep in this Richmond, Virginia home looks like something you might expect to find in a celebrity’s study in Los Angeles’ Serra Retreat.

Colorful Designs

The first design on our list notwithstanding, most celebrity designs are colorful. It’s all about personal expression, contrast, and flow. For a design that fits together and flows, staying with one color palette may be a priority. For others, the sharp contrast between colors—or in the case of Hugh Grant, the lack of color—might be the mood and look that is wanted. Regardless, the celebrities and designers that created these homes did a fantastic job at harnessing the power of color.

Impeccable Lighting

The design of a space is often dependent on what light is available, how to manipulate it, and how to add more light if necessary. In most celebrity spaces, the lighting is a perfect balance of natural light and the right light fixtures as well as strategically placed surfaces around the room. Paint colors, timeless home décor styles, luxury fabrics, and the right furniture isn’t the only consideration in a design. In fact, it all starts with the right light.

Have we sparked your imagination? Browse our related articles at the bottom of the page for more inspiration in mid-century modern design and explore our latest Pinterest board for more celebrity-worthy furnishings!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Love celebrity style and home décor? Here are some things that clients and interior decorators often ask when talking about celebrities and their homes.

How do you decorate like a celebrity?

Celebrity homes all have one thing in common: personality. For home décor, this often means colorful luxury furnishings, modern art, the right balance of lighting, and metallic elements.

What makes a home luxurious?

The key to a luxurious home is layers, bold statements, and lighting. Books on the coffee table, throw blankets strategically draped over the couch, and larger-than-life artwork that is impossible to miss all contribute to a luxury design. The right lighting, however, is essential to every design.

How can I make a home unique?

Unique designs are born from inspiration. Find objects or elements your client loves and think of creative ways to incorporate them. Hang pictures beneath a window, choose an unusual paint color to accentuate metallic décor, and select luxury furniture that can’t be found in a big box store for something unique.

What is Hollywood glam?

What might be called ‘extra’ today, Hollywood glam was the extravagant and over-the-top style of the 1930s. Bold colors combined with Victorian antiques and highly embellished light fixtures all made this style ideal for those who lived boldly and wanted their home to reflect that.

What is modern glam style?

Somewhat less bold or embellished, modern glam is subjective and depends on personal tastes. Certain bolder, edgier mid-century modern furniture pieces are good examples of what most would consider modern glam.

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