Get Inspired by Celebrity Home Décor

Celebrities inundate the lives of most people in the western world. From magazines to films, their public and fictional personas are delivered directly into our living spaces. It isn’t surprising that celebrity homes would be a topic of fascination. Let’s explore some of the elements commonly seen with celebrity home décor and a few specific, […]

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New From Mr. Brown London: Follow The Closet on Instagram

The Closet isn’t a new extension of Mr. Brown London, but the Instagram account is! Julian Chichester and Mr. Brown partnered to bring you The Closet in 2012, and we’re here again with our instagram account @jcmbcloset. Open by appointment, call at 336-886-8303 or email us to plan your visit! For those new to the […]

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Designing for Pets & Their Parents: Curating Pet-Friendly Furniture

According to the latest National Pet Owners Survey from the APPA, 70% of American households own at least one pet. The vast majority of those households own a dog and/or cat, and these furry family members probably spend time sharing a living space with their people. In short, we all love our pets. And, many […]

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Designing a Colorful Living Room

Colorful, adjective “Having striking colors” The definition of colorful is pretty straightforward. In interior design, however, it couldn’t be more subjective. For you, a dream colorful living room design might be soft pastels in 10 different colors paired with curved furniture. But, for the next person, it may be an assortment of neon hues and […]

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Styling Plants for A Mid-Century Modern Living Space

Even homeowners who profess that they can only keep plastic plants alive love having plants as part of their mid-century modern décor. Almost everyone enjoys having greenery around their home, but selecting the right mid-century modern plants can be challenging. Fortunately, all it takes is a little research and learning what plants work best with […]

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Styling a Velvet Couch in Your Living Room

Velvet is a timeless favorite as an upholstery fabric due to its warm, soft texture. According to the MET, velvet has been around since at least the 13th century. It’s a time-consuming process that requires a lot of material, so velvet has long been regarded as a sign of sophistication. While faux velvets have become […]

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