9 Ideas for Decorating an Entryway

Create a luxurious, modern entryway regardless of size.

Entryways are the first impression that guests have of a home, and for tired homeowners returning from a day at work or a trip away, it’s the first stop in something familiar. The entryway of any abode should be a comfortable, luxurious space that captures exactly what the homeowner wants. We’ve compiled a list of ideas for decorating an entryway that is high impact for low square footage.

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Add Stylish Storage with a Luxury Cabinet

Even small entryways need storage. Use a mid-century modern cabinet to achieve storage in a luxury, modern entryway without sacrificing style. Storage is essential, but very often sacrificed for the aesthetics of a space. A home design can be both luxurious and functional with the right cabinet.

Create Your Own

Love the look? Use these items from Mr. Brown London to create a unique entryway with luxury storage for yourself or your clients.

Enhance the Space with Living Plants

While we may come inside to escape the outdoors, tasteful plants are another idea for a small entryway. The right plants in the right arrangement can brighten up narrow, small entryways and help add color and personality to a space that’s typically overlooked in design.

Choosing the right plant isn’t simply a matter of taking a walk through a local nursery; things like toxicity need to be considered, along with the look of a plant. While there aren’t any mid-century modern plants per se, there are plants that complement mid-century modern home décor better than others.

Tables for a Statement Piece

A quick look through our occasional tables will make it obvious that some of our favorite offerings are these often creative items. Console tables are no exception. A console table should always be a consideration when coming up with ideas for a small entryway.

Adding a table, particularly one with a personality, is always a great way to style a small entryway while not overcrowding the space.

Use a Mid-Century Bench & Mirror

For many homeowners, the shoes are the first thing removed once they are inside. When decorating an entryway, incorporating seating is always important if at all possible. Make a small entryway functional and stylish with the right bench and mirror!

Benches provide necessary seating without adding more bulk or formality to the design. With small entryways, furniture pieces that are useful, but lend to the space, can be difficult to curate.

Create Your Own

Ready to find the perfect bench? Use our ideas for a small entryway to create a unique entryway with luxury storage for yourself or your clients.

Simplify & Save Space with a Chair

Seating can also include chairs. Add a chair to a small entryway, along with wall décor, to add variety and luxury to the space. For especially tight spaces we recommend the Mercer Stool, left, and for awkward entryways that are too big for a stool, but not quite large enough for a console table, the Bacchanalia Chair, right.

Add Light with a Wall Sconce

With particularly narrow spaces, consider using wall lamps. With small entryways, it can be easy to overwhelm the space with larger light figures like bigger chandeliers or floor lamps, yet light is essential. Choosing the right sconce set for the space and complementary décor can curate a luxury, modern entryway perfectly, creating a warm and welcoming entry point in a home.

Create A Nature-Inspired Entryway

Utilize natural materials and colors in a small entryway to transform a smaller, stuffier space into something cozy, warm, and inviting. Organic modernism utilizes colors and materials found in nature to marry mid-century modern style and nature to create a productive and positive indoor living space. Those same principles apply to the first area of the home that will make the first impression on guests.

Discover the Perfect Color Palette for a Mid-Century Modern Entryway

Adding furniture may not be an option for entryways that are little more than a hallway. Consider a mid-century modern color palette in situations where décor is restricted to wall lighting, mirrors, and other hanging accessories. Much like mid-century modern home décor, the colors are versatile and depend heavily on other style elements.

Consider how other parts of the home are styled and design your small entryway around an accent wall or other element that can be emphasized. Both images below are examples of mid-century modern furniture and colors, but two very different styles.

Browse Mr. Brown London’s luxury mirrors to enhance a narrow entryway and create the illusion of space.

Make a Bold Statement with Light

Using a chandelier in a small space can be challenging but, if done right, it can serve as a focal point, illuminate the space, and create a brilliant first impression. Here are three of our favorites as focal points that aren’t larger than life in a room, but aren’t so subtle that they are overshadowed by other features.

Use the Globe Chandelier for Ambiance

This chandelier is unique simply because very often homeowners think of a chandelier as a grand, larger-than-life time (like the two-tier Rabanne Chandelier) but in some spaces, something simpler and more subtle is needed. We love the Globe Chandelier for this reason; finished in gesso and intended to be paired with an Edison bulb, everything about this fixture is warm, traditional, and inviting—a perfect addition to any high ceiling in an entryway.

Create a Galaxy-Inspired First Impression

The Galaxy Chandelier is an example of big and bold, but in a relatively compact package. This chandelier isn’t overly large but has a big presence that exudes luxury and elegance. Distinctly mid-century modern yet with glitz and glam, the Galaxy Chandelier serves as a perfect focal point when a narrow entryway doesn’t allow for much of anything.

Traditional and Ever-So-Elegant: The Paris Lantern

We love how this Parisian lantern is distinctly mid-century modern yet has a classic style and personality. With this light fixture, the old world is tied in with the new, blending perfectly different styles to make the space elegant and inviting while also being sophisticated.

For this particular mid-century modern light fixture, we recommend the Domenico Mirror. Artesian gold and finely cut mirror panels make this piece of luxury home décor an excellent choice when you want to add depth to a narrow hallway.

Frequently Asked Questions

Browse our most frequently asked questions about ideas for a small entryway below.

What do you put in a small entryway?

Utilizing wall space by mounting hooks for hanging items, accessories like luxury mirrors, and other home décor items are good. In addition to that, decorating an entryway can also involve a console table, chair, or bench.

How can you make small entryways look bigger?

Use light fixtures to make small entryways appear bigger and brighter. Consider utilizing ambiance lighting in the form of wall lamps and table lamps, in addition to any overhead lighting.

What colors can make narrow hallways look wider?

Use a gradation of lighter colors on opposite walls to lengthen hallways, and darker colors to shorten them. Light colors overall can add width and the illusion of more space to a hallway.

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