The Mid-Century Modern Color Palette

5 Favorite Colors for Your Next Project

There’s more to a room than just the furniture. Yes, the shapes, lines, and decor pull it together, but it’s important to think twice about the color palette and scheme—especially if you’re going for a mid-century inspired look. Color families and complementary hues can make the room have a different mood and tone, and being intentional about where to use color can be the difference between a curated space and a turnkey room. According to The Spruce, a mid-century modern color palette can transport you in time, and we agree. Whether you want to incorporate the Pantone Color of the Year, or you’re hoping to think outside the box, explore our palette recommendations for styling tips, complimentary furniture suggestions, and more.


1. Beautiful Yellow Golds 

Starting with one of the boldest options in the mid-century modern color palette, we couldn’t pass up one of the most popular hues from the 50s and 60s—mustard and gold yellows. These shades compliment other warm tones in a room and add a hint of color to the more subtle wooden furniture elements often associated with this era. We love to incorporate yellows in our decor and accessories, as well as in our entertaining spaces for a great conversation-starter. And as you can see with our Armand Arm Chair, we’re no stranger to this beautiful color. If you prefer pairing it with a more subtle piece, opt for the Wolfgang Loveseat adorned with crisp white linen. 

2. Earthy Teals or Taupes 

Calming, restoring, and welcoming, the down-to-earth tones of teal and taupe compliment neary any shade in the mid-century modern color palette. We especially love this color in areas that demand the most relaxation and peace like home offices and bedrooms. Browse our entire suite of desks for a selection of complimentary office pieces, or paint a bedroom accent wall and pair it with the stately and stunning Albaninni Standard Bed

3. Vibrant Maroons 

Perfect for the kitchen, bathroom, or any space that needs a little sprucing up, bright barn reds and vibrant, rich maroons are a mid-century modern palette staple. Like yellow, these shades also complement neutral pieces and spaces, and it looks breathtaking set against a stark white or cool gray. If you’re having trouble picturing it, just imagine how beautiful a red accent wall would be behind the Hartley Bar Cabinet


4. Pure Whites

Classic white never goes out of style. Whether it’s the peak of the mid-century modern movement, or a simple homage to your favorite era, you can’t go wrong. Whites, off-whites, and cream tones look striking and make a great backdrop for a room that has an eclectic mix of textured furniture, or a space with a lot of interesting shapes that take center stage. Additionally, white compliments every color in the mid-century modern palette. Many of our own pieces are white as well—just because they’re not colorful, doesn’t mean they don’t speak for themselves. Discover our unique Kasper Console Table or our elegant Jessica Sofa for inspiration.

5. Eye-Catching Olives 

Last but certainly not least, we can’t create a mid-century modern color palette without mentioning olive greens. These rich neutrals are earthy yet exciting, and look absolutely lovely as an accent wall in a dining area or kitchen. If you’re not sure what colors compliment olive, we recommend mustard-yellows and neutrals like white, gray, and taupe. We’re just loving the way this looks with the Mahler Side Chair in a dining room. 

If you needed a good jumping off point to get your mid-century color scheme started, this is a great place to gather some ideas. But don’t feel restricted to five colors to achieve the look you’re going for—Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams also have gorgeous assortments of paints inspired by the era, and they have plenty of styled looks to peruse so you can visualize them in a space. Everywhere you look, mid-century styles are becoming more popular, so it’s safe to say this palette isn’t going out of style anytime soon. 

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