Luxury Patios: 5 Creative Outdoor Patio Furniture Ideas

Discover awe-inspiring outdoor designs that will open up the patio for year-round enjoyment.

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Our Tips for Designing with an Organic Modern Style

In recent years, organic modernism has become more popular, particularly when many people around the world are spending most of their time at home. Our living spaces have become our workspaces and our social centers, yet it’s still the place that we retreat to for rest and relaxation. It’s no surprise that welcoming and cozy […]

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Designing a Colorful Living Room

Colorful, adjective “Having striking colors” The definition of colorful is pretty straightforward. In interior design, however, it couldn’t be more subjective. For you, a dream colorful living room design might be soft pastels in 10 different colors paired with curved furniture. But, for the next person, it may be an assortment of neon hues and […]

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Styling Plants for A Mid-Century Modern Living Space

Even homeowners who profess that they can only keep plastic plants alive love having plants as part of their mid-century modern décor. Almost everyone enjoys having greenery around their home, but selecting the right mid-century modern plants can be challenging. Fortunately, all it takes is a little research and learning what plants, planters, and plant […]

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Styling a Velvet Couch in Your Living Room

Velvet is a timeless favorite as an upholstery fabric due to its warm, soft texture. According to the MET, velvet has been around since at least the 13th century. It’s a time-consuming process that requires a lot of material, so velvet has long been regarded as a sign of sophistication. While faux velvets have become […]

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Styling With Mismatched Furniture

For new homeowners or renters, mismatched furniture may be more of a budget necessity than a styling choice. For others, the fun and modern look of eclectic décor may be the goal from day one. Regardless of which it is, many designers and celebrities consider matching sets a home décor no-no. People are pulling away […]

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25 Ways to Add Light to Your Room

It is a common challenge for homeowners and renters alike to answer the question of how to add light to a room. The answer is simple: get creative. Through floor and table lamps, strategically placed furniture, and even the use of decor, you can achieve a lighter, brighter living space with or without natural lighting. […]

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