Nicole Parkes

Designers Corner

Designer’s Name: Nicole Parkes

Company Name: Interior Motives

Location: Cary, NC

Describe your inspiration for this project: We wanted to celebrate our Nigerian heritage of our client in the design of their home.  The pattern on the Mr Brown console not only does that,  but also draws you into the home.

Why do you love Mr. Brown London? Each piece brings a unique point of view to a room that is memorable.

John McClain

Designers Corner

Designer’s Name: John McClain

Company Name: John McClain Design

Location: Los Angeles, FL

Describe your inspiration for this project: This lakefront home was crying out for sophistication and glamour.  In the home office a large amount of closed storage was desired but we wanted to step away from traditional heavy built ins.  Two Ludwig cabinets did the job beautifully.

Why do you love Mr. Brown London? Our team loves Mr. Brown for their brilliant use of texture and for their masterful ability to combine simple geometric shapes into timeless design.

Marisa Lafiosca

Designers Corner

Designer’s Name: Marisa Lafiosca

Company Name: ML Interior Designs, LLC

Location: Chatham, NJ

Describe your inspiration for this project: Loved using a mix of textures & color for this beach house project. The rustic finish and design of this bed was perfect for this teenage boy’s bedroom.

Why do you love Mr. Brown London? I can always find unique, special pieces that add to our projects!

Lisa Turner

Designers Corner

Designer’s Name: Lisa Turner

Company Name: Trinity Mercantile & Design 

Location: Decatur, GA

Describe your inspiration for this project: This was part of an overall Kitchen/Livingroom/Diningroom renovation. We had decided on the custom rug so we new it was going to be a combo of bohemian and glam. The client fell in love with this stunning cabinet on the floor in our retail store. It was the perfect “big” important piece for the room. A great piece that marries an ethnic almost tribal pattern with the glam of brass and mirror.

Why do you love Mr. Brown London? Unique design- Always original. Dead on quality of construction and finishes. Stylistically most pieces can be in a very modern environment or be places in a more transitional setting easily.

Binita Barai

Designers Corner

Designer’s Name: Binita Barai

Company Name: MangoMist Designs

Location: Chicago, IL

Describe your inspiration for this project: This client is a world traveler, for both work and pleasure, and really wanted to bring touches of culture from around the world into her home. The London map inside the keepsake box, and the brass nailheads adding elegant detailing to the outside of the box make this piece one of the client’s, and my, favorite and most special treasures!

Why do you love Mr. Brown London? MBL always brings such elegance, detailing, and culture to any space through each piece it offers, large or small. Every single design brings a special and unique touch to any design space.

Marie-Joe Bouffard

Designers Corner

Designer’s Name: Marie-Joe Bouffard

Company Name: JFY Designs

Location: Nashville, TN

Describe your inspiration for this project: The Albannini Canopy bed was a the first piece selected for this cozy owner’s retreat, as I knew it would provide the perfect balance of warmth, texture and drama to the space.

Why do you love Mr. Brown London? We have been using Mr. Brown London for over a decade, the collection never fails to inspire. I love how the pieces can be moody, sexy and even cheeky, often all at once while elevating my designs!