Liza Borzoni

This foyer was actually inspired by the Hector Chandelier. I saw the fixture at HPMKT in 2018 and believe I purchased the 1st one available. I was starting a new project and thought that it was perfect for a particular client. The room was then built around the light fixture. We selected a lush moody matte finish in eggplant for the walls and then created a custom area rug in a complimentary pattern to tie everything together. The mirror to the left also mimics the shapes in the chandelier and rug. The owner loves this space.

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Traci Connell

A moody guest bedroom calls for the perfect combination of textures, color and pattern. This bachelor desired a unique and cultured space. By adding this wood and upholstered bed to the guest bedroom, we accomplished a sense of tribal atmosphere with masculinity all in one!

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Sarah Barrett

Our inspiration for the project was our love for our client and her family and her love of color. We wanted the room to be welcoming, light, and balanced- bringing a sense of calm while also inspiring. We loved using these Mr. Brown tables because they unified the room. The curved lines brought movement and softness while the custom finish reminded us of both the crystal malachite and the ocean- connecting the earth to water. Yin yang in shape, fluid and strong, as if we left a secret message in the space.

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Keeland Owens

We wanted lots of color, warmth, and texture for a vibrant sophisticated living space. Loved the bright brassy finish of the console contrasting the bright blue llama of the chairs.

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Darci Isom

This project was inspired by my clients need to create a beautiful environment that moved from room to room with a seamless flow of color and good design.

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