Bets Miller

Designers Corner

Designer’s Name: Bets Miller

Company Name: Nest Inspired Home

Location: Rye, NY

Describe your inspiration for this project: Working with a treasured family heirloom dining table, we designed a room to envelope it in shades of blue starting with Mr. Brown’s Eliza chairs and Phillip Jeffries suede wallpaper, topped off with your signature Aberdeen chandelier.

Why do you love Mr. Brown London? Mr. Brown London is a line of instant classics, furniture and lighting that heighten the look of any home from vintage to modern. You craft pieces we will hand down to the next generation with pride.

Jaimee Rose

Designers Corner

Designer’s Name: Jamiee Rose

Company Name: Jaimee Rose Interiors

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Describe your inspiration for this project: We wanted high contrast, high drama and all the texture! The Belmont console was the perfect fit against black grass cloth to give us extra oomph.

Why do you love Mr. Brown London? We love that each piece is unique and playful, always with an edge, and always a “wow!”

Stefanie Cannizzo

Designers Corner

Designer’s Name: Stefanie Cannizzo

Company Name: Emerson Grace Design

Location: Lafayette, CA

Describe your inspiration for this project: This project was a whole house remodel for our clients. The house sits up on a beautiful view lot, with large windows which bring the outside into this home. In the Dining Room which is also open to the Living Room we created a modern aesthetic that was clean and streamlined using a tone-on-tone wallpaper and a Mr. Brown console that gave the space texture and modernity.

Why do you love Mr. Brown London? Clean lines, interesting finishes

Heather Ryan

Designers Corner

Designer’s Name: Heather Ryan

Company Name: H. Ryan Studio

Location: Scottsdale, AZ

Describe your inspiration for this project: This is our studio conference table. The inspiration is transitional & timeless. A mix of different styles and eras.

Why do you love Mr. Brown London? I love Mr. Brown’s style because its cool, fresh and classic! Great all around!!!!

Joe Human

Designers Corner

Designer’s Name: Joe Human

Company Name: Designs By Human.

Location: NY

Describe your inspiration for this project: Our client wanted something very modern but I wanted to keep that aesthetic and warm it up. The Mr Brown Naples Cabinet was perfect as it included that sleek shape with classic details. It was easily paired with funky artwork and made a subtle statement within the room.

Why do you love Mr. Brown London? We like using Mr Brown because of the quality and variety of styles / aesthetics that seem to fit within our funky looks. We have the Franco mirror coming up in a Brooklyn townhouse that I cannot wait to share!

Richard Read

Designers Corner

Designer’s Name: Richard Read

Company Name: Richard Read Interiors

Location: Palm Desert, CA

Describe your inspiration for this project: The Belmont Canopy Bed was the inspiration for this master bedroom. The bed had just been released and I was one of the first to order. The overall height is perfection and added drama to the tall ceilings and over sized room. This was the perfect addition to my favorite Mr. Brown collection!

Why do you love Mr. Brown London? When starting the design process of a project, Mr. Brown London is always my first “go to” vendor. Not only does it inspire my design, but they create pieces that work with pretty much any style. Overall, it’s sophisticated, modern and timeless and amazing quality.

Lauren Czarniecki

Designers Corner

Designer’s Name: Lauren Czarniecki

Company Name: Czar Interiors

Location: Delray Beach, FL

Describe your inspiration for this project: Located in Palm Beach Gardens, our client wanted an eclectic mix of furniture in their new home. This space is an office/den that functions as additional sleeping space with the sleeper sofa. Knowing that the majority of the time this would be used as a lounge space, we wanted fun cocktail tables, but something that was easily moved when guests are in town. The Figaro coffee table was the perfect fit to bring that fun, eclectic feel into the space!

Why do you love Mr. Brown London? One of the many reasons I love Mr. Brown London is the unique mix of styles and finishes that are available within the line. I love that an accent table from Mr. Brown can really liven up a simple room, or we could use a coordinating bed and nightstands to create a unique space. I also love working with all of the associates – everyone is always so helpful with any questions we have and always quick to respond.

Cheryl Clendenon

Designers Corner

Designer’s Name: Cheryl Clendenon

Company Name: In Detail Interiors

Location: Pensacola, FL

Describe your inspiration for this project: After working through all the other rooms of this client’s home over the last 10 years – transforming each space into something fun, funky and exuberant (she loves color!), we were challenged with the last room of the house. A small, informal dining room that was hardly ever used and felt like a true leftover in the home (but with such prominence being right off the main foyer entry.) Besides asking us for more storage and an easy place to sit down and work from home – there really weren’t many real guidelines that initiated the overall design. There were certainly plenty of details that limited it though! With a large bay window and hardly any other existing wall space in the room the placement of furniture was a trick – and knowing that the client already had a wrapping room upstairs and a more casual library off her master suite – this had to offer something wholly different. Pushing her towards a more refined final design than some of the more casual rooms of the home, we wanted to wrap this room in texture, develop an interesting juxtaposition of punchy but rich color, and masterfully offer up a cozy reading nook adjacent to a work area fit for a task-mastering queen. The desk was one of the first selections that needed to be made and finding one at Mr. Brown was such a treat. Anchoring the space with its size, and revving things up with zig-zag nature of the wooden detail on the legs – we loved how this piece played off of the husk wallpaper, popped against the Vintage Wine built in cabinetry that ensconced the room, and felt equally bright and pretty with it’s mate, the embossed velvet “wing-back” style chair. Anything but ordinary – that’s for certain. (Did we mention how much we love that zig zag detail on the leg?) Don’t miss how it plays off the open weave pattern in the sheer panels we convinced the client she needed to layer up and soften that bay window area! All said and done, this space was the perfect end result for the woman who has everything.

Why do you love Mr. Brown London? Part of what we always love about this line is the peculiarity often found in the details. Refined enough to feel classic, but stylized enough to not be too trendy. Comfort. Beauty. Unique style. We love it!

Vikki Leftwich

Designers Corner

Designer’s Name: Vikki Leftwich

Company Name: VILLA VICI

Location: New Orleans, LA

Describe your inspiration for this project: You cannot host a party in New Orleans without a proper bar and this Mr Brown tall cabinet was the perfect piece to incorporate in this small pied a terre. We installed lights in the interior and the mirrored front reflected the clients love for art! It had that wow factor that we always look for on any project and the utilitarian function could not have been more perfect!

Why do you love Mr. Brown London? Mr. Brown is my go to resource when looking for special case-goods that scream with personality and function. Their selection of tall and low cabinets are standalone pieces that can function for several needs. The collection also is very diverse when looking for a beautiful desk or that pair of twin beds that will rock any room and set your project apart like no other!

Kristen Phillips

Designers Corner


Designer’s Name: Kristen Phillips

Company Name: Bellissimo Decor

Location: Danville, CA

Describe your inspiration for this project: California sun filled breakfast nook meets Modern Glam! Elements of nature was installed with Zinc’s Moonbeam wallcoverings. Subtle soft blue yarns with a metallic bed to provide the juxtapose of nature & glamour. The Radici Naturale Silver & Grey area rug made of wool & hemp lays the foundation for the star of the show….The Parrot Dining Table in Country White Oak with Brass banding. While the Jonathan Adler Vienna Chandelier cascades dramatic lighting, highlighting the soft natural elements of the Parrot Table. All installed surrounding elements leads to the textures & shape of the Parrot Dining Table. The ceiling crown mimics the curve of the base of the Parrot Table & the Caracole I’m Floating acrylic leg chairs provides a clear view of the gorgeous brass banding of this stunning Parrot Table. The Parrot Dining Table became our perfect choice with the natural wood elements of Country White Oak & a touch of glam in it’s subtle curves of brass banding!

Why do you love Mr. Brown London? I wish I had all my designed rooms photographed for this years competition! I have found Mr. Brown’s home collections to be unique in style & construction. Providing exceptional textures, colors & shapes that make every designed space become like no other. I love specifying Mr. Brown pieces for our clients simply because we know our clients will appreciate the beauty & excellence of craftsmanship in the pieces we install in their spaces. When functionality of family meets beauty…we have created a WIN WIN for our clients!