Killy Scheer

Designers Corner

Designer’s Name: Killy Scheer


Location: Austin, TX

Describe your inspiration for this project: The house and property has been in the family for generations and remains a hunting camp located in an historic forest. We exectuted a sensitive renovation and addition with the goal of respecting the history of the camp in use, materiality, scale and proportion while adding square footage and modernizing the kitchen and other aspects of the buildings. The guest bedroom’s cedar walls are original and we brought in furnishings, lighting and accessories that would create modern comforts while remaining true to the cozy cabin feel. We used the Trieste Bench in this guest retreat to bring in a little understated shimmer to the otherwise muted, natural tones of the room. It’s both decorative and functional, doubling as a perfect place to park luggage, or perch while taking shoes on or off.

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Gina Hicks

Designers Corner

Designers Name: Gina Hicks

Company Name: Vivid Interiors

Location: Greensboro, NC

Describe your inspiration for this project: This was a project for a showhouse in a historic neighborhood in Greensboro NC. We chose to source as much local to NC as we could. The inspiration came from the bathroom that had beautiful, original lilac plumbing fixtures. We chose the Eliza chair and trimmed them with a lilac welt and the amazing Belmont Bedside (Gina is from Belmont NC!) We would love to submit other photos, but there is only an opportunity for one.

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