3 Ways to Design with Pattern

Incorporating Chic Prints Into Your Projects

Patterns create depth and drama in any design. Whether used as bold accents or final touches to unify a room, they are most often seen in wallpapers, furniture, and flooring. According to Homes and Gardens, taking a maximalist approach to decorating is key in 2021. Whether using contrasting patterns across a scheme or mix and matching patterns, there are many different ways to create balance and visual interest with upholstery. Discover three different ways you can use sophisticated pieces from Mr. Brown London to incorporate artful and creative pattern into every design.


1. Nature-Inspired Prints

Bring the outside in with patterns inspired by plants, animals, and the outdoors. “Patterns that give you the feeling of being surrounded by nature will dominate in 2021,” according to Italian Bark. From chic animal prints to traditional florals, experiment with these on luxurious sofas or contemporary dining chairs. One of our favorite pieces of the moment is the Zion Sofa in a cheetah upholstery.

2. Statement Headboards

From headboards with rich patterns and divine colors, upholstered headboards are chic and eye-catching. Forecasters like My Decor Trends say, “Headboards are one of the most important elements after the bed, because they are capable of enhancing the space with their stylishness and peculiarity.” Whether you’re searching for a piece to bring a bedroom together or an anchor to plan your client’s design around, incorporate pattern on the headboards of best-selling Mr. Brown London beds like the Cambridge, Wilhelm, Albaninni, and many more.

3. Personalized Patterns

In bespoke design, we know that personalized is best, and high-end design caters to the unique style of every client. More than ever, creating spaces that bring joy to a client is essential coming out of 2020, as people spent more time at home. That’s why at Mr. Brown London, our furniture can be customized with your own upholstery choices, so you can use the patterns and fabrics that your clients love. Learn how to design one-of-a-kind furniture with your own patterns and fabrics at the Custom House.

If you have any questions on the different pieces from Mr. Brown London that we highlighted or our custom design options, please contact us today. For more information on designing with pattern, here are two inspiring resources to help: Elements of Design Part 3: Texture and Pattern and 6 Predictions for Design’s Big Trends in 2021.

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