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Intricate Tactiles & Three-Dimensional Designs

Over the past couple of years, textured furniture has experienced a renaissance of sorts — it’s a simple way to add a curated touch and sophisticated richness to any space. From intricate tactiles and wallpaper to three dimensional surfaces on even the most simple pieces of furniture, this trend has worked its way into every facet of interior design. At the height of mid-century modern, textured furniture was living in the spotlight. Luxe velvet seating, unpolished wood, and rigid, irregular lines are just some of the pieces popularized by the period. Today, mid-century flair is making its welcomed return, so we’re innovating alongside it, creating unique designs and textured furniture that evokes both nostalgia and an appreciation for something that’s never been done before. Explore three of our exclusive textures and see what bespoke designs are waiting to be discovered.

Gesso Designs

Created by our experienced craftsman, gesso is a silky smooth finish that’s applied by hand. Because of this, it flaunts a charmingly irregular texture that develops fine crazing and subtle patination. Over time, gesso decór and furniture boasts more character and individuality, aging gracefully without compromise. You can find this gorgeous material on a number of our pieces from canopy beds to side tables and cabinets. For example, shop our ornate St. Tropez Canopy Bed or eclectic Wilhelm Low Cabinet to experience this texture up close.

Brass Pitting

While some opt for a smooth brass finish, others prefer pieces covered with natural pitting and markings — this way, no two pieces are ever the same. Peruse our elegant Albaninni Collection to find nesting tables and mirrors that feature embossed, hand-chiseled markings. This neutral, sleek, and intriguing style is the best ofboth old and new. Plus, it pairs well with almost any motif.


Velvet Upholstery

Extravagantly rich and shiny in appearance, velvet is lovely to look at and lounge upon. Due to its short pile of dense fibers, velvet textured furniture is highly durable and suitable for everyday living — in fact, it makes for great seating. Try adding the decadent Chelsea Loveseat to your latest design for a touch of character, or take inspiration from our opulent Patricia Chaise Lounger.

If you’re eager to play with the textured furniture trend, we encourage you to shop our exquisite collection. We handcraft each piece to be unique so every customer receives something that’s one-of-a-kind. Already have a piece of upholstery in mind? We also provide customization options on select items like the Cambridge Bed and Zion Sofa to name a few. Please visit our Custom House for more information on tailoring designs to your taste.

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