Mid-Century Modern Meets Farmhouse Chic

The Meeting of Two Interior Design Styles

The design style commonly known as “farmhouse chic” almost seemed to appear overnight, with textiles like shiplap and neutral color pallets becoming fixtures in many homes. But what does this catchall design term really describe? According to Blythe Building Company, this style encompasses design that is comfortable, clean, and relaxed while incorporating natural textures and finishes. And with Architectural Digest describing mid-century modern design as simple forms with a high emphasis on function, you would be right to wonder if there is any overlap between these two seemingly opposite styles. Let’s take a look at some of the key elements of farmhouse design and see what crossover there is with mid-century modern.

Clean Lines

As the farmhouse trend has evolved over the last decade, we have seen it shift towards what Grace in my Space has called “modern farmhouse.” This updated version includes more elements of mid-century modern designs, one of which is the emphasis on clean lines. This references the physical lines of furniture and decorative pieces often found in these rooms. They are not overly ornate or complicated, but more streamlined and even geometric in fashion. The Clyde Coffee Table showcases a use of this kind of sleek design with its simple but smart rectangular shape.

Organic Materials

Another feature commonly found in the evolving farmhouse style is the use of organic materials, especially wood. Wooden pieces painted in light and neutral tones can be incorporated, but more often distressed or untreated woods are used. This can be seen in everything from structural features like ceiling beams, furniture like coffee tables and bed frames, and décor such as light fixtures and wall art. Mid-century modern also places a high emphasis on the use of wood in design, with these four being the most common. Our Belmont Canopy Bed is a great example of the use of wood in a statement furniture piece, and could easily crossover between design styles.

Timeless Look

One factor that attracts people to farmhouse style is its timelessness. Foresight into whether a style will become outdated in a few years is critical when making design decisions. But because these elements are not rooted in the latest trends, they are able to stay current for much longer. Think bright and neutral tones, the layering of materials, and soft comfortable furniture. These staples will never go out of style.

This clean and timeless styling is not to be confused with rustic or antique designs, which tend to take on a more rugged approach. Rather than filling a space with vintage pieces, both the farmhouse and mid-century looks can be achieved with colors, textures, and silhouettes that have stood the test of time. One such example is the Sabrina Dining Table Base. It appears as if it could be from another time, but with its solid base and minimalistic concrete top, this piece will be a statement for the ages.

With so many unique ways to blend these two design styles together, there are countless possible outcomes for each project. Browse our selection of seating and cabinet options for more ways you can incorporate elements of farmhouse chic into your latest design.

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