Our Guide to Furnishing Your New Home

How to Select Timeless Furniture & Decór

Congratulations on your recent purchase! Now it’s time to start thinking about furnishing your new home with pieces you’ll treasure for years to come. Many first-time home owners make the mistake of purchasing furniture that won’t last or will be out of style in 5 years. So, we’re here to offer a few pointers to help you effortlessly style your house with sophisticated furniture that make it feel like home.


Invest in the Anchor of the Room

From sofas to dining tables, beds to chairs, always choose high-quality pieces that will be frequently used in your home. For example, if you plan to host many dinner parties or holidays, a sturdy, yet stunning dining table is a piece you should plan to splurge on. Otherwise, you may be replacing your favorite sitting room sofa or go-to piece a little too often.


Don’t Shy Away from Colors & Patterns

Unless you’re aiming for a neutral aesthetic, we recommend mixing in a touch of bold color and playful pattern when furnishing your home. Not quite sure how to use pattern? Read 3 Ways to Design with Pattern. If you opt for colors, textures, and prints that you like now, we’re certain you’ll love them 5 years from now. While it’s okay to design with trends in mind, just remember that you will look at your furniture almost every day, so it’s important to only purchase it if you truly love it.

Mix & Match Your Pieces

While it may be tempting to purchase an entire set of matching furniture from one designer, we recommend mixing and matching your pieces across different collections and designers. Why? Because it will feel more organic, unique, and purposeful. For example, we love to mix pieces across from various collections like the Belmont, Mercer, and St. Tropez. It’s important to strike a balance by curating furniture that compliments versus competes.

We hope these tips were helpful as you begin furnishing your new home. One of the most important things to take away is to always invest in pieces that you will frequently use. If you’re looking to design with sophisticated and contemporary furniture from Mr. Brown London, reach out to our knowledgeable team to answer any questions. For endless inspiration on how to style our latest collections, browse our new catalogue.



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