Designing a Mid-Century Modern Bedroom

5 Styling Tips to Refresh Your Happy Place

Organic lines, earthy colors, minimalistic materials, and functional design—sounds like the mid-century modern bedroom of our dreams. Whether you’re totally refreshing your current bedroom or just sprucing up the space for something new, check out our six styling tips for designing with mid-century inspiration in mind.

1. Incorporate Natural Wood Pieces

According to Modsy, mid-century decor is all about staying au-naturel. By choosing pieces that show off unstained wood or the material’s true grain, you can easily achieve this look. Opt for a chic new headboard or simple frame like the Cambridge Bed. Interested in learning more about mid-century’s most popular woods? Read our article for more detail on how to style teak, oak, beech, and more.

2. Elevate Your Seating Options

Sometimes you just want to sit in your mid-century modern bedroom and enjoy the view (and the peace and quiet). But, it’s not always ideal to lounge on your bed during the day. Many bedrooms inspired by this era include a small seating area, with something as simple as a chaise lounge or statement armchair. Our Eugenie Chaise Lounge looks incredible next to a vanity. Or, for a more sophisticated feel, try adding the stately Umbria Chair next to a small bookshelf.

3. Opt for Earth Tones

Colors set the tone for the entire room—and when it comes to the bedroom, you want to choose a hue that inspires peace, tranquility, and calm. Our favorite mid-century modern bedroom colors include cool teals and taupes, pure whites, and deep greens. We recommend painting the walls a neutral shade and choosing a complementary set of accent colors for the bedding, pillows, and other decor. Check out our mid-century modern color palette for more suggestions.

4. Play With Textures & Patterns

Complement your space’s geometric shapes and simple lines with added texture and pattern. It’s the perfect way to add intrigue without overshadowing focal pieces like your bed frame, nightstand, or cabinets. For example, try adding these gorgeous brass pitted Albaninni Nesting Tables next to the seating area. Or, give yourself another reason to do a double take when you hang up this intricately pitted mirror. Looking for a fun pattern? Read our article for recommendations on nature-inspired decor, upholstered headboards, and customized prints.

5. Add Eye-Catching Accents

A mid-century modern bedroom is never complete without a little bit of edge and detail. Try adding a statement floor lamp that draws the eye in, or curate a nightstand that’s worthy of holding more than just a glass of water—we love how these Dutton Candle Pillars complement a softly lit space.

There are so many ways to create a mid-century modern bedroom—they key is just making sure it suits your taste. When you stick with the basics outlined here, it will be impossible to go wrong. If you’re interested in more expert tips and inspiration, be sure to get our guide to furnishing your new home.

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